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The company quality view: Kindness and excellent medicine, the quality is credibility;
cure the sickness and save the patient ,quality is life.

The GMP certification of company

1. In Sep.1996,we passed GMP certification of TGA products in Australia for the first time and obtained the first GMP certification of Australia in northwest China. We also passed GMP certification of State Drug Administration in Nov.1999 and became the first TCM company which obtained GMP certification in northwest China.

2. In 2005, Ukraine commodity inspection bureau had a production line certification ,and 15 medicines were certificated; In 2007,we have obtained the GMP certification of Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare, our medicines were allowed to enter the Japanese market.    

3. In Jun.2008, We passed GMP certification of TGA products in Australia throughly again.

Quality system:

1. The good quality assurance system:

*The premises and facilities were built according to the GMP international requirements. Center analyzing room covers 1046 square meters. It sets up Physics and Chemistry lab,Identifying room, Chinese herbal specimen room,analysis instrument room,microorganism room and staying samples room and so on.

*Following advanced facilities were operated :dynamic extraction of spray-drying production line,Microwave pill drying production line, automatic packaging production line .etc;ninety-eight professional testing equipments imported from USA and Japan, including HPLC,TLC scanner, Intelligent Mercury Analyzer,Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer,Gas Chromatograph, etc.

*A professional management team and an excellent skill worker team working hardly for company, among them, 439 are professional technological personnel, occupied 30.5% of the company staff, who having the key job such as: selling, management, production and quality control. 33.3% of the personnel working for quality management and control have obtained licenced pharmacist and licenced Chinese herbal qualification.

*Good production and documentation system are in place, which standardized the production technics, personnels, sampling, checking and testing of instruments.

2. Strictly test and control for the production quality .
* Raw materials selection was real and the highest level for the  selection, for raw materials of the pharmacy, chemical raw materials medicine and the control for the selection quality for the medicinal packaging materials, the quality system evaluation the quality audit for the supplier, to ensure selecting goods due to medical quality system.

*Processing effectively quality testing system audit released, to meet the technological requirements and quality level after testing, which was qualified.

*Scene quality checker system, send the quality checker to the branch companies and workshops of the company, for checking, quality tracking and guidance for the medical manufacturing processing, to ensure the control of the medicine manufacturing processing of the company.

3.The excellent after-sales service.
* Established the user file management system, the tracking service is supplied after selling, solution and improvement are provided according to the problems and advices of the consumers.